How To Use H1 H2 H3 Heading Tags | Are They Important For SEO

How to use the H1 H2 H3 Tags and their SEO importance

One of the biggest problems a webmaster faces is on how to use the H1 H2 H3 Tags and more importantly what do they do and also how to properly implement them so that you are easily found on the web.

I personally myself faced the dilemma of the importance of these tags in the beginning of my online career and what they actually mean and with some digging around on the internet and consulting more senior experts i found out that they are quite important and play a major role in the making or breaking of a website.

At first they seem a bit confusing and i will have to agree with you on that but keep in mind they are one of the most important aspects which determine the entire structure of the content on your articles and website.


In short they are nothing but the headings which you give to some text or a small and a short context to a larger post or an article.

We all assign a headline to some topic before starting off and writing on it isn’t it? In the same manner these tags work the same way but you can also assign a specific header to a topic based on the importance of a topic hence a staircase like model is followed with the H1 being the most important Tag and the H6 being the least.

They systematically distribute the weight in terms of importance to the users as well as the search engine bots because bots cant visually see what has been written so they interpret the code and determine the organization of the material on your website.

You may ask why the header tags are important in SEO,well Because the ranking of a website or a post is very largely dependent on the tags used because when the search engine crawlers visit you website and crawl through your post they tell them what the page is about and how the content is structured throughout the article and what keywords should your article rank for on search engines.


How to use h1 h2 h3 tags and their SEO importance


I made the above graphic illustration to make things simple for you and so that you grab the basics,as you can see the top is the H1 tag(Light Blue) which is the title of the post and after a few lines of text comes the H2 tag(Dark Blue) which is direct subheading of the H1 tag and then we have used the H3 tag(Green) to headline a smaller topic.

Let us elaborate a bit more on them individually,

The first one is obviously the H1 which is the most important tag and is obviously the biggest in terms of size and SEO value,Whenever we give a title to a post it actually automatically becomes the H1 tag of the entire article and hence should be very relevant to the the entire post and should be on point.

Also you shall note that having 2 or more H1 tags inside a post may hurt your SEO rankings as the search engines may not exactly know what you want it to rank for,but this notion has been changed with HTML 5 but still having 2 or more H1 tags is is not recommended and should be avoided.

Now Second is the H2 tag Which is Obviously the most used and the most popular one,basically it is nothing but the main subheading after the H1,Which means that after the title of the article the next most important tag is the H2 and is used to give a subheading to a part of your article,Also it should be of relevancy to the to the post which you are writing and should be suitably used and not just crammed in whenever you deem is necessary.

Next we have the H3 tag and as you correctly guessed should be used as a subheading and can be used to highlight and to arrange the given text under the above H2 tag and and to specifically categorize a specific topic.

Think of it as a hierarchical distribution of the content which you want to display with the H1 being the most important tag followed by the H2 which is a direct subheading to the main content to the title and then the H3 tag which is a sub-subheading to the content and so on.

Similarly the H4 H5 H6 tags can be used in similar fashion but usually which i have seen and encountered over the time i have been a webmaster is that one should stick to using the main 3(H1 H2 H3) and not wander of into the last 3 as they contain the least SEO value and ranking factor when it comes to search engines.

But also nobody is stopping you from using them because they (H1 to H6) are provided to you to evenly categorize the content on your website for visual presentation and also to cater to search engines needs.So feel free to use as many as you want but in a specific order and not just randomly.


Optimizing is very important as the google crawlers will crawl through your website and establish relevancy between the tags which you have used and also the content underlying beneath it.

For example if a particular user may search for a specific keyword on google and also if you have optimized your headers in such a way that it does reflect on the searched term then google can easily extract an excerpt from your post and show the relevant results hence which will result in more traffic and hits on your website thus optimization is important.

But be very very careful not to overoptimize your headers as this can be seen as tricking the search engines and may result in poor search engine rankings and you might even get penalized which is nothing short of a death sentence in webmasters language and is pretty hard to recover from so misleading headers are a big no no.Keep checking our website as we will release an article shortly which will cover the entire topic about optimization.


So don’t you think the header tags were simple? and since i have told you everything you must know now you can go ahead and easily use them on your website for better readability and achieve greater search engine rankings also make sure that you keep them Simple Short and Relevant.

Also if you have any questions about this topic please do feel free to drop a comment down below and i will be more than happy to reply.


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