What Happens if you have Slow website Speed

Studies have shown that having a slow website speed will not only affect you conversions but even have adverse effects when it comes to search engine rankings,thus being fast is extremely necessary.

Imagine that you are a user who visits a particular site and it takes more than usual time to load,what would you do? obviously go back to the search results and try some other link isn’t it.

website speed statistics

Internet has become so vast so fast that consumers now have the option to abandon you and go to your competition if they feel that it takes up too much time to view what they actually want,

This means that having a slow website will have big disadvantages which will eventually end up putting your site maybe on the 15th or 25th page of google rankings.

Importance of Having a Fast Website Speed

You may have the best looking website in the world or have cool features but let me tell you that it will all be for nothing as the user will eventually leave your page if it takes up too much time,now we would like to talk about major affects of a slow load speed.

Bad User Experience

Trying to access a slow site is extremely frustrating which directly hinders with the user experience and makes the whole page look unprofessional which eventually affects the brand value,no person would come back again if they feel that the whole experience was laggy and shabby.

Bounce Rates

When the user abruptly leaves it increases bounce rates,if you don’t know what bounce rates are then let me tell you that it shows that how much time a user spends on your page before he she leaves or the percentage of interaction a user has on your website after the landing page determines the bounce rates,having a high bounce rate sends wrong signals to google and other search engines thus being fast is key.

Lower Rankings

Google clearly mentioned that fast page load speed is a very important ranking factor so if a website loads up taking up too much time then it will surely be pushed down the search engine rankings.

Traffic Loss

People will feel reluctant to navigate further if it takes them more than few seconds to go to the next page so you miss out on recurring customers and visitors thus making website speed very important.

Low Conversions

This is for people who are trying to sell their products online or are in the affiliate marketing niche,if you are not able to attract traffic then most certainly you wont make sales,wonder why all these big e commerce shipping companies give it so much importance well because it is the difference to million dollars of loss or profit.

common website speed problems

Competition Takes Over

It hurts to see your competitor do well and get better search engine rankings and traffic than you but its your own fault because you were slow and did not optimize it,your competitor might have worse articles and posts than you but if his page speed is faster than yours then google will place him above you.

No Return on Investment

we know that building a website and hosting it as well as putting your crucial time and effort is an important investment from which you expect great returns(maybe a Lamborghini) but if things like slow website speed obstructs with your business plan then you are losing incurring losses which is not good.

Brand Tarnish

Usually the internet community gets the feeling that the webmaster or the owner does not seem to care and it subconsciously creates a dislike towards the brand towards which you worked so hard to create.

How to check website speed

google pagespeed insights

Google has launched its own speed testing platform called Pagespeed Insights with which we can easily get detailed reports and it also ranks your site with grades such A(good) E(bad) and so on.

The speed test is an extremely helpful tool from google and can be used easily by any webmaster to analyze on how their website performs on either mobile or desktops,after the test is over and your web page is analysed they also give valuable feedback on how to improve performance so this makes it a great and free tool to experiment.


We hope that after reading our article you know why its bad to have a slow website,if we have left anything out or you have some questions to ask please do so in the comment section.


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