Should i have Keywords in my Domain Name

Back in the days people gave keywords a lot more importance than it really needed and yes it worked brilliantly for them with them able to achieve ranking and traffic with just a few tweaks here and there.

And the biggest trick of all of them was to use a domain which represented the targeted keyword and this practice was used extensively 5 years ago making a lot of sites get heavy traffic and also increase their page authority but recently google announced that having a keyword in the domain name or the URL will have very less impact when it comes to SEO.

keywords in domain


Does Keyword in URL help my SEO

The simple answer to this question is yes,having a word which corelates to your business will help you certainly.for example if you are trying to sell dog collars and your site is named cheapdogcollars then yes the search engines will help you get noticed and will direct traffic towards you and the result will slightly be more than a site named bowbow.

But something to keep in mind is that this is a very small part of SEO tactics and signals which search engines like google,yahoo follow and it is very much advisable to have a catchy name which is also brandable.


Does Google Penalize for EMD

google emd penalize

So what is an EMD it is nothing but an exact matching domain which is when your URL is exactly the same as the keyword you are referencing,this is both good and bad,in the short term it will bring you traffic and conversions and is also much more easier to remember and are simple worded but in the long run you will be penalized by google if you try to trick the system as the algorithm is pretty smart in figuring out if good web practices are followed thus try to keep things a bit less spammy.


Does having a Keyword only Domain help at all

Yes of course if you are keen on having a domain which should directly represent your area of interest which is what the website is about then surely if you combine everything with white hat SEO techniques then you will see more click through rates on your URL,and also building a brand around that name will be much more easy as well.

The search engines will favor you over other websites as queries might match exactly with what you are offering and also you will be pushed on the top of the SERP’s as well as create an environment of trust given that you as a webmaster follow proper and legit measures when it comes to keywords and other things.


Should i Build a Brand Rather than focusing on Keywords

brandable domain name

Well the definitive answer to this question is that primarily you must focus on building a brand which is trustworthy as well as creates a name for it in the market you are in thus it will return in huge gains over the years when compared to spammy websites which come and go every month.

Look at big companies like google which says nothing about search engine or internet or lets say twitter which doesn’t have a meaning to it at all but is the worlds biggest microblogging website.

So try to mix things up a bit by including focus keywords in the title of your posts or do some on page SEO and off page SEO by building backlinks and have a much more solid online marketing strategy rather than having to ponder whether i should have a keyword in my domain name,just take a look at our website name which is a pretty brandable domain name.

Most probably this helps your issue of including keywords in your domain or not,thus the conclusion is that it might help you a bit but focusing on the long run is more important.


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